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Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai | Best Deals and Packages in 2021

What to wear in Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari provides you with everything you need for an exhilarating experience, whether you are visiting Dubai in cold winter or hot weather, it doesn’t matter. Every year, millions of tourists plan to visit with their loved ones and enjoy this magnificent travel experience. According to the 2019 Dubai Official Tourism Report, Desert Safari Dubai is one of the activities enjoyed by 11.58 million people. Experience the loose sedimentary sand dunes formed by the junction of wind and the junction, as well as human-friendly camels, which make the local life unique, which makes this trip an unforgettable and unique journey.

Desert Safari Dubai Best Deals

Enjoy the best Desert Safari deal, change your adventurous taste on a comfortable Land Cruiser, have enough power to ride on the edge of the dune with more standards and safety features to ensure maximum safety. Dune lanes play an important role in Desert Safari Dubai. The land cruiser climbed gently on the edge of the dune. Then, the slope slides down to the ground, and then repeats until you reach the deep Dubai Safari Desert, where you can walk on the soft sand with a wonderful feeling that words cannot explain. At the Desert Safari Dubai, do your best to see unforgettable photos in a non-domesticated background.

From the pictures to our experience in the camp, feel the mysterious color combination, the crazy tasteless smell, and enjoy another masterpiece of nature. At the same time, we arrived at the camp with the theme of Bedouin. Use the same materials that Arabs used in past ages to draw the area. Enjoying the desert safari in Dubai is an extraordinary activity that most people like to experience. You can enjoy two different discounts in Morning Desert Safari and Evening Desert Safari. Both are free deals that people enjoy when visiting different places. With the Dubai Desert Safari Trade, you can manage all activities smoothly.
Whether you want to visit Dubai Desert Safari Trade in the evening or someone in the morning, you can easily get the benefits. Enjoying the desert safari Dubai trip is one of the best activities you can do during your Dubai trip.


Desert Safari Dubai is not only a safari park, you can also visit a camel farm and learn about the history and importance of camels in the area. This is a very popular activity and it will give you a better understanding of the life of the indigenous people in the desert. Enjoy the best deals in Desert Safari Dubai and you can enjoy the luxurious charm of an incredible experience.

Keeping the UAE country dress codes we will recommend the best outfits idea to wear in Desert Safari Dubai. Women must cover the shoulder and legs below their knees, so they won’t violate any law.

As the desert gets colds in the early morning and evening. So tourists must wear clothes that are pleasant and practical in hot and cold weather. Relax and Loose clothes are recommended for being comfortable while doing sand surfing and other safari rides. The desert heat stays while the sun is up. Tourists on an evening safari tour and overnight safari must carry a light jacket or hoodie.

During the Desert safari DUBAI Tour

During The Desert Safari Dubai tour you can enjoy the traditional dressing room where you can wear Arabic clothes, Qandura (men’s) and Abbaya (women’s) and Henna Tattoo artist room, where women can get henna tattoos for free. Our suggestion is to start with sandboarding and participate in Camel Ride. Our camels are trained to ride, and you may be surprised to hear that all camels are labeled with passports and residence permits issued by Dubai government agencies. In addition, stroll on the beach and explore the surrounding souvenir shops.

Enjoy the discounts of Dubai Desert Safari

Enjoy the discounts of Desert Safari Dubai, you are free to leave unforgettable memories. To make your night more enjoyable, you can enjoy belly dance, Tanura dance and Yala dance here. In addition, you can even enjoy a bite of fire and a bite of snacks. In addition, you will have 15 dishes for you to choose from, including barbecue buffet dinner, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, lamb, fish, chicken and kebabs.

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Desert Safari Dubai oufits

DESERT SAFARI DUBAI is an extraordinary adventure tour in the UAE. Tourists from all over the world come to join the desert adventure. We have received the same question from many tourists that “What to wear in Desert Safari Dubai?”. So today we are sharing the top-listed recommendations regarding outfits.

Desert Safari Footwear

Desert Safari in Dubai Outfits Ideas

Wear Snickers, Sandals, Flip Flop while visiting the desert. As you have to multiple activities from Dune Bashing to camel ride, sand ski’s to desert wali. As per the tourist’s votes we found that the sandals and flip flop do the best because in snickers you don’t want to take the sand with you to your hotels or home.