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Dubai Desert Safari

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The day with Syed Waqar was amazing. We enjoed cool experiences with our friendly guide. He was always very helpful with a lot of information about Dubai. The different activities and the shows at the camp were great. I can recommend the tour and the guide.
Jean-Marc Lemmer
It was a memorable expirience with our guide Syed Waqar. We enjoyed a lot of different activities like quadbiking or the dunebashing which were all different to one another but were all very exciting. Our guide was also very friendly as he gave us a lot of information about the infrastructure and society in Dubai. All in all a very positive experience, highly recommend!!!
Jonas Lemmer
It was a great experience with our guide Syed Waqar. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed all the single activities and the stay at the camp. Syed was very helpful and provided a lot of information about Dubai. Thank you, we can recommend this tour.
Simone Lemmer
We had a fantastic day with our guide Syed Waqar in the desert. He was very nice and helpful with all the informations he gave us. He also had amazing driving skills.
David Lemmer
Es war echt die beste Fahrt mit Assim. The best desert rally driver. War ein schöner Abend der besonderen Art
Melanie Gallner
We had a great experience with a very professional driver Asim Khan . We highly recommend the Safari trip ! Thanks Asim ????????
Sevag Maneian
Great. Shan Jan was helpful and friendly. We had a great trip.
Olivia Walker
Good experience with Shan Jan
Morten Russ
It was a superb desert safari with Dubai dune buggy tour adventure, we really enjoyed each and everything, the dune buggy Dubai ride as the best part. Highly recommended.
leh Andrew
Excellent experience with Sohail khan at Desert Safari ride. He was very helpful in every step of the way. He showed enthusiasm throughout and It was really fun. Our family had a great time..
Abdullah Arif
Based on 552 reviews
Desert safari We got our desert safari booked with Royal Extreme and Shan Jan was our guide . We had great fun and Shan was great help. Definitely recommend Royal extreme
Simar S
Buggy ride fun We went with Shan Jan - brilliant host. Great trip, exciting buggy ride, helpful staff. Would definitely recommend and would do it again ????
Lucy P
Red Desert Safari - An experience of a lifetime After our desert safari in Jaisalmer (Thar Desert in India), this was an experience to cheer for a life time. The red sand of Sahara desert was truly attractive. Our Pakistani driver was very friendly and he made our trip special for us. After this, there was BBQ dinner, another great experience with dances and fire shows. Only problem was, nit was very cold in Dubai in Jan. Locals told us, this was record cold in Dubai. Dont miss it!
Awesome trip. I loved it. Great trip. Would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Dubai. It is something you need to treasure and I was glad I had the opportunity while visiting this part of the world.
Thanks royal extreme today new experience with Farooq my family happy we will du sure again we are h Great experience with Farooq today desert safari its new experience in my life thanks royal extreme company I am happy r
Ben M
thanks farooq today good experience desert safari with farooq dune bashing and great day my family thanks all good.experience with farooq good job farooq good dune bashing i like thanks royal extreme good service we do again sure
ren w
Good experience with farooq desert safari thanks royal exterem company and great service I will do again Great experience with farooq for dune bashing for desert safari thanks royal exterem tourism company good service tha
Rashid K
Delightful dune bashing, camel ride, atv, sand surfing with dinner and show - amazing Exciting DUNE bashing along with the camel rides and super sand surfing, show and dinner Great experience and quality family time. Just be patient at the end as it is absolute chaos when leaving, but your car or bus won’t go without you so don’t’ worry.
Lifetime Memory Faroq collected us from the hotel..Faroq was excellent throughout, experience was amazing.. lifetime memory.. do this when ur in Dubai you won’t be disappointed
Carl D
Buen viaje Lucky brinda un excelente servicio, con un precio razonable para todo lo que ofrecen. Nuestro guía Naveen fue realmente amable y nos brindó todas las comodidades para que nuestro viaje por el desierto fuera increíble. Vistas hermosas, comida deliciosa, gente amable y shows increíbles.

Dune Buggy & Quad Biking Dubai Arabian Desert Safari​

Dubai desert safari has become really very popular among the tourist who visit Dubai. Especially after visiting Dubai once everybody wants to visit Dubai again as soon as possible. With experience they start to book before-hand some people book and see best Desert Safari prices / deals even before landing in Dubai. We offer affordable desert safari deals price for you to enjoy desert safari Dubai tours. Here is an advice for new tourists who travel to Dubai for their excursion, to check the desert safari reviews before booking any desert safari deals in Dubai. It will give you a better knowledge about the services of the company. Below is a quick glimpse of what you will get in our Dubai desert safari fun tours.

Desert Safari Packages

Regional  best deals for in Desert Safari  Tours.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

45+ Minutes Of Dune Drive, Camel Ride Sand Surf, 4x4 Atv Bike & More.
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Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Red Dunes Drive, Camel Ride, Belly Dance, Fire Shows Sand Surf, ATV & More
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VIP Desert Safari

Thrilling Adventure high dunes red sand lahbab area dune bashing with Belly Dance + more
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Quad Bike Ride

ATV quad biking in high red dunes big desert of dubai with/without pickup from home.
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Dune Buggy Ride

ATV quad biking in high red dunes big desert of dubai with/without pickup from home.
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Camel Ride Desert

30+ Min Traditional Camel Ride, Sand Surf, Soft Drinks and a lot More
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Desert Safari Dubai
Range Rover

Red Dunes Drive, Camel Ride, Belly Dance, Fire Shows Sand Surf, ATV & More
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Dubai City

Unveil the Beauty of Dubai with a Memorable Guided Tour of the City's Highlights.
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Abu Dhabi City

Unveil the Beauty of Abu Dhabi with a Memorable Guided Tour of the City's Highlights.
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Hummer Desert Safari

Red Dunes Drive, Camel Ride, 3 Live Shows Sand Surf, BBQ & More.
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Dune Buggy Self Drive Packages

Prices vary for the time you ride the dune buggy. You'll be allowed to ride Dune Buggy on self drive in open desert with no boundaries with high dunes. You can drive Dune Buggy for 30 minutes, 1 hours, 2 hours. Prices are not listed in the site but feel free to contact us at WhatsApp no.+971 52 966 4994.

1 Seater Dune Buggy

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In open desert
with no boundaries

Highest rated

2 Seater Dune Buggy

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In open desert
with no boundaries

4 Seater Dune Buggy

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In open desert
with no boundaries

Exclusive Can-am x3 Dune Buggy

This tour ups the ante and gives you chance to try out the high-speed high-powered Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR. Take the wheel and fly through the Dubai desert, put the 195 hp engine to the test as you climb up the dunes, and enjoy spectacular views over the desert.

Exclusive Can-am x3 Dune Buggy

Desert Safari Reviews

Desert Safari with Dune Buggy Tour Booking

Book Arabian Desert Safari tour with Dune Buggy Dubai, Quad Biking Dubai, Camel Ride, Live Shows, Belly Dance’s, Tanoura Show, Fire Show and Live BBQ Dinner. Grab the best desert Safari deals in Dubai. Easy Desert Safari booking method with one click on WhatsApp. Enjoy the safari Dubai tour with Best Desert Safari Company.

Whether it is your first time in Dubai or the second time it is always amazing to Start your morning with unique desert safari Dubai. The desert safari rates for morning desert safari is very affordable for almost all the tourists. Kick off the day with the soothing yet thrilling morning desert safari in a 4x4 SUV desert safari Dubai. We provide this free pick and drop service to our guests so they don’t have to worry about reaching their destination in order to enjoy desert safari. Reaching the red sand desert in time for the beginning of the breath-taking morning desert safari is your goal for the day.

Desert Safari Book Tours in Dubai

After reaching the world-famous red sand desert the desert safari dune bashing Dubai begins on the curved paths. Its very important that the driver is fully skilled to manage the car while bashing through those dazzling dunes. In the end of dune bashing Dubai, you will get a chance to enjoy sand boarding or camel riding or quad biking Dubai. Keeping our guests hydrated is our first priority. And we fulfill the demand of our guests by providing free drinks, cold drinks and water. You can also take pictures to keep them in your memory book.

People end up getting an evening desert safari deal because of all the amazing entertainment they will get to enjoy in the evening which they can not relish in the morning desert safari. They check Dubai desert safari costs on internet to find which is the best desert safari deals which is suitable for them to take. In Arabian desert safari Dubai offer you can enjoy almost everything under one roof. A usual free pick and drop service to take you to the Lahbab desert in time. In the evening desert safari offer besides the thrilling dune bashing you can also enjoy the calming view of the setting sun from the middle of the desert which makes it enchanting.

As soon as the dune bashing ends there are a lot of amusements that await you. You can relish camel riding if you have never enjoyed it before it then it will be a new experience for you. You can also enjoy sand boarding and quad biking Dubai just like morning desert safari. These things include extra charges, it is not included in the deals so you don’t have to pay for thing you don’t want to try in the deals.

After enjoying the amusements as much as you want you can enjoy the mesmerizing night shows. The belly dance in Dubai desert safari, Tanura show at Dubai desert safari and the fierce fire show to make your evening desert safari trip amazing. You can also try out shisha smoking at the restricted areas and also relish henna tattooing at the camp site.

Plus, by paying extra charges you can also relish the amazing VIP services to make you feel good. In VIP services of desert safari Dubai, you will have a specific and comfortable sitting area to enjoy the Arabian night shows during desert safari Dubai. In addition to the sitting area all you have to do is to dine peacefully at the table and your waiter will provide you everything you need.


Since camel ride dubai is very common in UAE, special camel riding deals for camel riding lovers are offered by our company. Rather than enjoying just a few minutes camel riding during your evening desert safari or morning desert safari you can enjoy a whole camel riding offer in Dubai desert safari. You can relish camel riding in this deal for like more than 45 minutes. The camel owner will absolutely be there for any kind of mishap, like if the camel gets out of control or if you lose your track, to help you out of that problem. Frizzy drinks and cold water we available for you any time you need water it will be given to you right away. In addition to camel riding you can always pay extra charges to try out quad biking Dubai or sand boarding. Remember this deal is specifically for camel riding it does not include dinner at the camp site.

Unique QUAD BIKING adventure in Desert

best thrilling activity in desert safari Dubai is quad biking Dubai. Here we have best desert safari rates for quad biking Dubai. It is a special deal for people to enjoy quad biking Dubai for more time then usual time which you get during any of those morning or evening desert safari offers. A guide will explain to you all the important stuff about the quad biking Dubai so you don’t lose the tract. You can enjoy quad biking Dubai totally on you own or if you are not familiar with the tracks you can take the guide along with you.

Like all other cheap desert safari deals and offers you will have a free pick and drop from your residence to the desert and then back to your residence. Most importantly we take good care of our customers by keeping them hydrated we give them free water and energy drinks so they can enjoy all the quad biking Dubai experience.

DUNE BUGGY - best desert safari tour company in dubai

Dune buggy Dubai is also very famous among the tourists. We have this astounding deal for the Dune buggy Dubai lovers. People who want to be amused by Dune buggy Dubai can opt for this exclusive deal. You can check for the desert safari reviews of our website to see how well we treat our customers. You will enjoy Dune buggy Dubai with best Dubai desert safari rates which is really very affordable.

Additionally, you can also enjoy it along with your family or friends. Because 4 people can sit in the dune buggy so don’t hesitate to try the Dune buggy Dubai.


Overnight desert safari continues along with the evening desert safari after watching the night shows. Like other desert safari offers a free pick and drop is available for the guests. This specific deal is the only one which does not end at night but in the morning after the sun rise. So, you will get the chance to capture the rising sun in your memories forever till you drive back to your destination (residence).

 Let’s Begin Desert Safari UAE

Desert Safari in Dubai is the leading tour in UAE. Dubai Desert Safari tour offers a lot of fun and entertaining activities. Desert Safari has captured the heart of millions of tourist who visits Dubai. The huge number of tourists came across from the world to enjoy the Arabian Desert Safari Tour.

Dubai Desert Safari tour starts with the pickup from your home, hotel or centralized location. You will be pick up in luxury 4×4 Land Cruiser or any other vehicle depend upon your desert safari package. You will be taken to Lehbab Desert where you will enjoy fun and thrilling activities. Desert Safari Dubai includes Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, Sand Surfing, ATV Quad Biking Dubai, Dune Buggy Dubai, Belly Dance, Tanoura Shows, Live BBQ, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Buffet and a lot more. You can enjoy dinner on the Evening and Overnight package only.

Dubai Desert Safari offers the most competitive Arabian Adventures tours in UAE. We are the most trusted and Best Desert Safari Dubai tour providers.


Desert Safari Dubai has multiple timely manners tours. From early morning to evening and overnight safari tours. We provide from small to a maximum number of customized group Desert Safari to companies. Our company offers the best desert safari deals and packages over the years. Book and enjoy the best desert safari Dubai. We are the part of biggest Arabian Tourism.

Grab the exclusive Dubai Desert Safari package & enjoy the Arabian Adventures with us. Desert Safari UAE is the leading tour activity in Dubai. Let’s go for Desert Safari, the only ultimate entertaining and adventure tour in the United Arab Emirates.

Arabian Desert Safari Dubai Deals & Offers

We Dubai Desert Safarii offers the best Desert safari deals. Check the recent best Desert Safari Offers 2020. Enjoy the best  Desert Safari Adventures tours. Fresh Desert Safari Prices.

Desert Safari Tour Package Includes

Pick Up & Drop Off:
Pick & drop from your residence, hotel, centralized meeting points. Depends upon package type.

4×4 Dune Bashing:
Dune drive in 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, Thrilling Dune Bashing on Lahbab Desert.

Camel Ride:
Experience Camel Trekking over the Arabian desert. Step back to the ancient Time.

Sand Board:
SandBoarding is the board sport in Dubai Desert. Sand boarding is the ride over the sand dune in the deserts.

Desert Safari Heritage Camp:
Bedouin Style Arabian Camp on The Desert of Dubai. Once you are done with outside activities it’s time for the Arabian Camp.

Free Refreshments:

Have a warm welcome drinks like special Arabic qahwa, Arabic tea, coffee & unlimited water packs or soft drinks at Safari Camp.

Traditional Arabic Costumes:
Feel like classical Arab, Experience the Thawb by wearing it. Take pictures to surprise your circle.

Henna Tattoo:
Get the Henna gorgeous, versatile designs Tattoo on your hands in the Arabian Desert Camp.

Live Entertainment Show:
In the Charm of Belly Dances, Halal Dance, Fire Shows, Tanoura Dance make your evening exclusive.

International Buffet – BBQ:
Feed Your hungry belly with Veg and Non Veg Food. For the first time experience Live BBQ in The Desert Camp.
Entrée CourseSamosa – Pasta
Main Course: Biryani Rice – Jeera Rice – Noodles – Dal – Vegetables Curry – Chana Masala – Arabic Khubz – Sauteed Veggies

Grills: Chicken – Shish Taouk – Lamb KebabCold Appetizers: Tabbouleh – Garlic Sauce – Fattoush Salad – Hummus & Macaroni Salad

Dessert: Mix Fresh Fruit Salad

Dubai Desert Safarii founded in 2017. The Only UAE based best safari, tourism provider. We are aiming to provide the best package and price to meet your expectations.

Platinum Safari tour

Providing you with a life time remembering experience of your tour in the Arabian desert

Free pick & drop

We provide you with a free pick and drop from your location to the dubai desert

Best Price Guarenteed

Offering you with a low and reasonable price for any of your desired tour, you pick

24/7 live support

Have any question? let us know because we provide 24/7 live support to you

Instant Tour Booking

Want to book a package? Well get your tour booked instantly with quick response

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