Desert safari Abu Dhabi deals with Dune bashing

Dubai offers everything Like Desert safari abu dhabi which would definitely supply you with complete entertainment that you are seeking. It offers an extensive range of accommodations in any price range for the business traveler or vacationer. Pathfinder Dubai supplies a wide selection of adventurous desert trips. It gives you a complete experience of the nomad life.

Dubai is where to be in for food lovers as it delivers a massive number of good restaurants and a broad option of eating-places to select from. It has the best golf courses in the world and is, therefore, a popular golf holiday destination. It offers a lot of adventure to trekking enthusiasts. It is essentially a desert city with great infrastructure, moderate policies, and excellent tourist facilities. Theme parks Dubai is home to the most significant and most exciting theme parks on the planet.

Morning desert safari deals

Awesome Morning desert safari deals


The perfume of the desert sand beckons your sense, Elevate yourself with the BBQ’n fun: What more you need than the desert roses gesture Where the belly dancers lure you with their nice dance moves…”

Preferred desert safari tour operator in Abu Dhabi with industry’s best deals and offers at never before prices.  Daily deals and contests. We, at experiences Ideas, don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to servicing our clients.  We provide pickup and drop facility.


PLATINUM OFFER: Evening desert safari – Premium 20% off now.  Hurry for AED 250د. إ or USD $70 per Adult and AED 200 د.إ or USD $55 Per kid.  Land Cruiser pickup.  45 Minutes Dune Riding

  • OVERNIGHT: AED 495 د.إ or USD $135 per Person – Sharing car.
  • MORNING: AED 250 د.إ or USD $70 per person (Minimum 2 person cost) – Sharing car.

Our motto is to deliver the best of Abu Dhabi desert safari experience in a planned manner so that nothing is missed out.


Visiting Abu Dhabi and overlooking a safari through the vast desert?  You shouldn’t miss an opportunity for a safari through the deserts of Abu Dhabi which is an action which attracts locals and tourists alike and a popular.  You can choose your means of transportation through the desert either on a camel or if you’re more adventurous opt for wadi or a dune driving.


Girl enjoy Early morning desert safari

Early morning girl enjoying desert safari


With large dunes and long sand valleys, you’ll never get bored of adrenaline-fuelled dune bashing in Abu Dhabi.  Experience the breath taking our Oasis City of Al Ain and dunes between the UAE capital or explore the desert expanse.

A variety of tour operators offer dune bashing trips.  Alternatively, when you can tackle the dunes while you stay in Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara or Tilal Liwa.  A half day or an overnight stay in the Arabian Nights Village includes a dune experience.



  • If you’re in Abu Dhabi you definitely have to go on a desert safari.
  • It’s one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi. Seriously!

I have done several desert safaris in Dubai but it actually took me a while to eventually do a desert safari in Abu Dhabi and all I could say is that it’s amazing and you should take action — a desert safari is one of the best activities in Abu Dhabi (click here to read about my other tips for Abu Dhabi).

There are various kinds of tours and tour operators and though there are fewer distinct tours available than in Dubai, you will find enough tours to choose from and there’ll be something to cater to every taste.

So, read if you want to get an authentic review of my last desert safari, an Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari, which I did with my cousin who visited the UAE for the very first time — and who had a very clear opinion about her first visit to the desert (her decision is in the bottom of the article ).


As mentioned, there are different desert safari tours in Abu Dhabi accessible as there are different deserts in Abu Dhabi and the UAE with slightly differing programs.

Initially, I had wanted to go for an overnight safari that I then changed and did an evening Abu Dhabi desert safari with dinner under the stars and I was very glad I did!

You can also choose between Abu Dhabi morning desert safaris where you can be a little bit more active or the evening safari which is a bit more sedate.  Personally, I recommend the day safari, keeping reading to discover why and what is included…

I booked my tour via Dubai Desert Safarii and paid approximately 60$ (about $75) but prices may change — it is based on the rates and the time of year since it’s more expensive in the winter and in high season.  Once you book your tour with Dubai Desert Safarii you will be given a confirmation together with a reminder when the safari starts which is extremely handy so that you will recall.


You will usually be picked up from the hotel (we stayed at this beautiful 4* hotel in Abu Dhabi when we were picked up) or, if you arrive in the region using a cruise ship then you’ll be picked up from the vent.

They will always let you know the specific location and you are also asked to offer the hotel information.  Since it is not a private tour (that you can also book), you discuss the four-wheel drive vehicles up to six other passengers (one in the back and one in the front seat) so it is up to seven people plus the driver that can do the tour in 1 car.

According to my experience of desert tours before, I can tell you that your car is generally not the only one so usually there’s a caravan of cars that belong together.


quad biking dubai

Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

After you’re all picked up you will be driven into the desert where the wheels will be deflated, allowing the driver to perform the dune bashing which normally takes about fifteen to thirty minutes.

The driving starts off slow and progressively becoming faster and faster!  It’s definitely not!  Though those children or those with any physical problems shouldn’t do the dune bashing, you should be aware, but it is a really thrilling experience.

It is not quite easy to capture videos because your car will bulge up and down all of the time but honestly, you’re going to be so busy enjoying yourself you won’t care, so don’t miss out on the chance while you’re at the UAE.


On a summer excursion earlier in Dubai there was a Falcon series for participants which we did not have on this safari but that was fine with me.

We did have a couple of photo stops to shoot some pictures in the desert and it was so scenic there that we got some great shots.  We stopped alongside some camels where you even ride them or can pet them and then we headed into the camp.


Each tour company has its own camp and because it was winter we arrived in excellent time to witness the setting sun.

At the camp, there were Arabian carpets and we all had our own little chair to sit on the ground amongst the cushions.  There were plenty of things to do while you’re waiting for the dinner also, whether it was henna hand painting, trying on some traditional Arabian clothes and having your picture was taken, shisha smoking or even sand boarding (our camp was right in front of a large sand dune).

There were, of course, bathrooms you can use but I always attempt to avoid the toilets.

Overall, the whole place has an incredibly nice atmosphere and feels quite authentic so most people like to take pictures pictures pictures!


I am not necessarily a fan of belly dancing because I’ve seen many disappointing performances but the dancer we had here did a fantastic job.

She was quite cute and afterward many tours will have an Arabian man doing the classic Arabian dance (tanoura) which was very entertaining and very interesting to watch.

It took approximately twenty minutes in total, perhaps a little more, and we were encouraged to do some dancing as well though we mostly stayed with Chinese and Indian people who didn’t do so much dancing but it was a really beautiful experience.


Afterward at around 6.30 pm dinner was ready. There were still some meat choices as well as plenty of great options although I am a vegetarian.

Considering that food generally costs about 30$ in Abu Dhabi for this standard of food and how it includes beverages, you get good value for your money.

Soft drinks are included in addition to coffee and tea but no alcoholic drinks.  This is a difference with the more expensive tours alcohol is likely included, I think, between this one and expensive tours if you choose but you can buy beer and some other alcoholic drinks.  There was so it was a nice dinner sitting there under the sky and rice, noodles, different kinds of salads and soups.


In fact, it may sound a little bit weird, but one of the highlights of the desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi was when they switched off the artificial lights and you had the stars and the moonlight.

It just seemed absolutely amazing and though easy, it was another part of the evening desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi which made it really really unique.


Afterward, a lot of people smoked shisha or sat next to the campfire and at about nine o’clock we were picked up and were back in the hotel by about ten o’clock so it took approximately six and a half hours and was a totally fantastic experience.


Desert safaris aren’t always offered especially not in the hot summer months, so if an Abu Dhabi desert safari is the main reason to book a flight to Abu Dhabi make sure tours are available around that time.  Some tours are extremely popular and become sold out, however, there are numerous great tour operators (definitely try to avoid Royal Adventure as I have had any negative experiences with them in Dubai).

Always check just what is provided and what may cost extra.

If you’re thinking about performing a morning safari tour you can book via this link.  Be careful when checking dates as safaris are not always offered in the summer or during Ramadan, there might be some dates at which you can’t book safari tours in Abu Dhabi.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Holiday Packages

Abu Dhabi holidays is a whole package, where visitors can participate in numerous diverse pursuits. So, in spite of the fact that you are packing for your Dubai vacation, have a look at the very best things to do in the Desert Safari that will provide you with a memorable holiday. If you’re trying to take advantage of your Dubai vacation, get in contact with Dubai Desert Safari today and receive the lowest prices on the most exciting safari adventure packages!

If you want adventure, the Dubai desert safari needs to be experienced. At this time you may add adventure to that list! Not everybody is prepared for the desert safari Abu Dhabi adventure. Evening Safari is also one of the absolute most amazing choices for fun-filled activities.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Planning & Activities

Let’s help you to create your journey enjoyable. If you wish to book a trip you should decide on a package, review your purchase, put in your billing address and put in your card info. If you’re planning a visit to Dubai, try out the evening packages provided by Pathfinder Dubai. If you’re planning your visit to Dubai, we will surely make your Desert Safari tour probably the most keep in mind ready event of the entire trip.

City tours are offered in various packages. The timeless tour has the subsequent Dubai packages available in line with the range of days you’ll be staying. Arabia horizons tours provides you with a wide assortment of Dubai packages to pick from and we can also custom create custom made packages for you according to preference.

A mixture of dinner in desert and safari can end up being perfect to enhance your experience. There are a lot of locations to visit in Dubai. There are a lot of shopping malls both modern and conventional.

Abu Dhabi City Tours with Desert Safari Deals

Besides the middle of Muscat, the remainder of the place appears quite basic and authentic. There are lots of contrasting places which you are able to visit on an Abu Dhabi city tour. When you are searching for the distinctive and adventurous place to have fun on earth then Dubai is no match for any other as there are lots of options out there for creating your adventure quite entertaining. All the intriguing places that are the principal attraction points of the tourists ought to be at the peak of your list of travel. Weekend getaway or an entire vacation, you’ll most definitely have a fabulous moment! The ideal time to go to Dubai is from November to April as it’s thought to be the coolest weather of the year. In truth, it would be a terrific chance to easily supply you with the comprehensive ability for bringing more features.

Well, there are a number of flight services from various nations. Many Dubai tour business will take you to visit various parts of the city, so which you can go through the real Dubai. There are a number of companies who offer kayaking tours and permit you to learn more about the adventures of the Arabian Peninsula.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals | Prices

All you need to do is choose the safari deal that fits with your budget from under and we are going to deal with the rest for beginners. There is an excellent deal to do on the Desert Safari that you’ll really enjoy every tiny bit of computer system. The total cost of the safari averages around AED 100-200 depending on the group of individuals.

You can choose the package in accordance with your interest based on activities and time you’ve got in hand. Our Dubai packages are made to fit all your needs during your vacation and will surely help you travel without difficulty. It is always advised to pick a desert safari package that comprises many more activities than only the bouncy rides. In reality, even the barbeque option is an idea which allows the family to attach with one another and bond better in the attractive desert ambience. The ideal option which allows you to escape from the mundane city life, the overnight desert safari provides you a glimpse of the standard desert life.


I was on this sort of desert tour previously but my cousin had not and she said that after staying for a week in the UAE, the dune bashing and the desert safari, such as dinner and belly dancing, was among the best experiences she had in the UAE and she loved it.

I totally agree, so if you’re in Abu Dhabi you have to do a desert safari and as mentioned, this is a link to the safari I did.




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