An Unforgettable Camel safari Dubai

The camel safari Dubai is the biggest way to explore mystics of Dubai’s sand valves and follow the way to Bedouin passengers. Our company has given you a great chance to experience old desert life through a unique and authoritative rich desert tour. Camels are known as “desert ship” are empty animals that correspond to severe weather conditions. Our cheap Camel Safari Dubai tour will take you to a remarkable tour of Dubai with an impressive open tour as part of a classical camel caravan. You do not have to be afraid of animals as we have experienced work-force to help in riding camels. Moreover, you can also put yourself into the other activities just like; sand boarding, take pictures.

Why Camel safari is Favorite?

Camels are able to travel for a long time and a long distance without water, these wonderful creatures make an extraordinary part of Arabic tradition. This made them an essential form of transportation in the day. One way to face this tradition is to participate in the camel safari Dubai. This unforgettable experience takes you back in time because you ride on the desert ship and experience how bad people traveled in the past days. Relax and enjoy, because you enjoy a slow camel of widespread wilderness, and look at the desert with your highest slip.

Camel Safari Dubai at a glance

Our experienced Safari Driver will take you from your home or hotel and take you to the beautiful and vast desert of Dubai, you ride behind camels there can be opportunities to be there, as well as a desert ship, Camel safari Dubai, Dubai always in groups where all camels go along with guidance to go straight together, it is a form of “caravan”. It is highly recommended that the Desert safari tour with camel ride.

If you read people’s ancient history and people living in the tomb of particular people, you will be able to find out that the camel is the only source of transport and it can find the ancient Dubai desert in the coding style. Is not the only way for a lot of soft, soft, and well-sided wools to sink slowly on the waves of big sand?

Camels are naturally tolerating extreme weather conditions. Hot weather and extremely high temperature, strong winds. Their strength, which can travel long or without food or water, these wonderful animals are part of a very beloved and Arab tradition. Naturally, camels are very friendly for humans.

How Camel safari is different from camel riding

A camel goes a step out of just a few minutes to settle through the safari desert. These experiences take you all over the afternoon, which goes to the early evening of Dubai.

Package Includes:


  • Pick and drop facility
  • Water/juices facility
  • Camel riding for a minimum of thirty minutes
  • Do photography in the center of the desert.
  • Professional Safari and camel riding
  • Take a ride on 4 x 4 Land cruiser
  • Desert through sandy golden desert


If you are interested to Enjoy Camel Safari Riding and Desert Safari adventure with Dune Bashing contact Dubai Desert Safarii.