Dune Bashing Dubai

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Dune Bashing Dubai Adventure with Low Price

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How much is Dune Bashing in Dubai?

Dubai Desert Safari Dubai offers you a real adventure into the magnificent landscape of the unique deserts dune in Dubai.  We focus in a range of dune bashing Dubai and we have an extensive fleet of 4×4 off-road vehicles (Toyota Land Cruisers and Hummer H3).

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Best Dune Bashing Dubai

Only next to one of the best cities on the planet is one of the most enjoyable areas for dune bashing.  Dune bashing Dubai could be made in the buggy, a vehicle or motorcycle.  Because of its weight per weight of this vehicle on horsepower, is the most fun way and it delivers the most choices to party dunes.

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Once you can deal with the bike in a dune bashing excursion in Dubai, you could jump over deserts, slip, surf and float across the slopes and much more.  Extraordinary fun!

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Best place for dune bashing in Dubai

Our specialist riders in dune bashing Dubai will exactly know and see exactly what your skills are and what you are capable to perform.  They will promote you but protect you from the danger.  Regardless of all the beauty, the desert in dune bashing Dubai will show, there are many secrets and dangers.  From the Dubai Desert Safari is safety and that’s why we take passengers for a dune bashing Dubai excursion without preparation.  Our guides will teach you the necessary skills needed for dune bashing and will take you to the desert.

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Dune bashing Dubai overnight desert safari Tours:

Dubai Desert Safari offers as well instantly dune bashing Dubai trips, what’s going to be an adventure which will most probably never be forgotten!

Normally we take the vehicles into the desert to begin dune bashing in Dubai.  We have some much easier track with sand the dunes in Dubai, to learn how to learn the bike in each circumstance.

For dune bashing Dubai on any automobile, it’s crucial to have an experienced guide along with also the abilities how to ride at the sand of the dunes in Dubai.  Dubai Desert Safari has distinct professional riders and rallies Dakar participants that will show you the tricks, techniques, and secrets that riders use.

Dubai Dune Buggy Ride

Dune Buggy Safaris offer a new dimension to off road exploring.

Ride one of our Quad /ATV bikes and set off on an adventure unlike any other.  Your teacher will lead you picking up speed.  We ride at your own pace.  Stop for a breather and tender refreshments before you put off.

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  • For your comfort and security, each dune buggy comes equipped with a complete roll cage, bucket seats, and a complete safety harness.
  • Desert KTM Motorbike Motocross Tours
  • KTM Adventure Tour Advanced


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