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Go Dubai Safari Park and Desert Safari Offers with Free Entry in Nov-Dec 2019

This beautiful Attraction Dubai Safari Park is opened to replace the oldest Dubai Zoo which is located in Jumeirah operating since last 50 years. The Animals were also imported from Asia, America, Africa etc.

The park has been developed with the estimated cost of $270 million with an area of more 119 hectares and 2500+ animals.

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Find out one of the best Dubai safari Park for wildlife adventure and to see 2500 + animals at one place surrounded 119 Hectare area. Dubai Safari wildlife Park has a lot of fun for families and Groups who are willing to enjoy the real Jungle life in Dubai.  make a trip now and get your booking immediately if you call us at 052-9664994.

Honest Dubai Safari Park Review

The Dubai Safari Park is the newest attraction in Dubai and is home to more than 3,000 animals with even more to come.

Fixing Dubai Zoo and its own 1,000 animals, Dubai Safari Park is sprawled across 119 hectares.  The animal sanctuary aims to provide a recreational and educational attraction for local and foreign animal species.  A few of the animals are donated from other zoos, or rescued for rehabilitation.

Asian Animals in dubai Safari Park

You’ll discover several displays distributed across different’villages’, which you can travel via solar-powered vehicles.  These villages include the Arabian, Asian, African and Safari Village.  Is the children’s zoo, entrance plaza, Al Wadi and support locations.

Dubai Safari Park aims to be an eco-friendly attraction, mainly using solar energy.  The irrigation method for water recycling, waste and waste recycling can also be run by a renewable system.

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What are the attractions at Dubai Safari Park & Activities?


  • Safari Village at Dubai Safari Park (45 to 120 minutes tour required)
  • Bird Theater with 6 reveals
  • Air-conditioned jeep vehicle
  • Cheetah from the jungle
  • Hypo-aquarium to watch the underwater world
  • Display of brown lions and bears
  • Dubai Safari Logo
  • Dubai Safari
  • Arabian Village in Dubai Safari Park (20 to 25 minutes excursion required)
  • Travel on a train and enjoy horse, birds, ostriches & Falcons
  • Asian Village at Dubai Safari Park (30 to 90 minutes excursion required)
  • Walk around and see 3 major attractions
  • Theatre of 6 reveals
  • African Village at Dubai Safari Park (90 to 140 minutes excursion required)
  • Travel on a train
  • Four stops for walking and observe white lion, gorillas, hyenas, chimpanzee, white birds, and dogs.
  • Children’s Farm in Dubai Safari Park (60 to 120 minutes tour demanded )
  • Close to the park entrance
  • Educational zone for kids explaining about animal behavior and how to take care of them



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Dubai Safari Park Location

Dubai Safari Park is situated in Al Warqa 5 at Aweer Road within a region 400 hectares and includes Safari, Butterfly Park, golf courses, recreational and entertainment areas. The park will feature air-conditioned stones, chilled pools, misting machines along with a large theatre that seats 1,000 people.

Dubai Safari Park Animals List

So far as animals go, anticipate lions, turtles, bears, bats, elephants, cheetahs, tigers and much, much more. Interestingly, there will be air-conditioned rocks, chilled pools and misting machines constructed into the park to keep the animals cool over the summer months. The fence around the safari park will be 3.7 km long. There’ll be a huge theatre in the event that seats 1,000 people — this stage will host displays comprising binturong (also known as a Bearcat) and raccoons.


  • It will take about eight hours to take in the whole park, and there will eventually be a hotel on site.
  • In total there’ll be four restaurants at the park, and one of them will appear over the cheetah display.
  • The African area will have lions, gorillas, chimps, warthogs, antelope and a walk-through aviary.
  • Throughout the summertime, the park will be open in the day only as a result of heat.



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The Arabic village will be divided into three environments — the desert, the mountains and the steppe (which means a large area of land that’s mostly treeless but has plenty of footprints ).  This region will feature activities — such as puppy and falconry searching.

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Dubai Safari Park adventure valley

The African place will feature both a savannah and a rainforest, and there’ll also be a Safari Area where visitors can ride around in a temperate car (that’s air-conditioned) at a tour that takes about an hour.

The UAE’s most awaited wildlife park opened to the media and invited guests on December 12 for its soft launch.  What’s more?  The park is open to everybody for free from 9am till 5pm for fourteen days.

Located in Al Warqa-5, Dubai Safari Park is one of Dubai’s premier eco-friendly jobs and aims to provide a safe home to 5,000 creatures by 2020.  It is also the UAE’s first zoo or park to offer you a course.

Our tour began with the highlights of this playground, its four segments:

The beginning point of our Xmas tour started in a tram with a manual allocated.  She explained the particulars of the animals such as ostriches, nilgais, Arabian Oryx and Arabian wolves since we passed through the Arabian Desert.

African Village Supplied

Our second stop was the home to the many African mammals where we watched gorillas, pygmy hippos, antelopes and a reptile house.

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This section was not open during our trip but it will be home to an orangutan, pygmy elephant, Indian horned rhino and many different animals.

Dubai Safari Park and Zoo

Dubai Safari Park is the replacement for the 50-year-old Dubai Zoo at Jumeirah, which closed its doors a month.  The exotic animals had previously been kept as pets.  Some were confiscated from poachers or had been injured. The most important appeal of this wildlife park was retained for the last.  We were taken in an air-conditioned bus for a drive through the world’s very first drive-through crocodile exhibit and the exhibit.  On our way, we saw lions, tigers and a troop of baboons.

These animals were moved to the new park last month.


Al Wadi area: Situated near the African Village where households could have picnics

 Two Theaters

Children’ farm: For the kids like ducks, goats, cows, and donkeys

 Giraffe feeding

Underwater viewing of hippos that are common

Safari Park Dubai Ticket Price

Price Starts From 70 AED to 180 AED per person for This week of October, November and December 2018. Go pros and Enjoy the best Dubai Safari PaAdventuretre, Live Animals and Pools  the on ground.

Dubai Safari Park Timings

Plan a Visit to Dubai Safari Park and Go during 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Watch World Largest Safari Park for only 100-200 AED Per person this Week. We Believe that you will never forget this memory Creating Journey ever.

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