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Dubai Camel Safari Riding Affordable

Dubai is a state of UAE. It has a population of approximately 3.137 million. Geographically it is situated midway between Asia and Europe. When it comes to luxury shopping, modern architecture, and tourism, Dubai is among the top tier in the whole world. It offers the world’s best tourism and architectural wonder; Burj Khalifa and Palm Island are the names of few. Dubai is known as the economic hub of the world. In the last decade, Dubai has skyrocketed in its economy and has grown to become the best travel destination for both tourists and business people. The primary source of revenue for most of the Arab states in oil, but for Dubai, it’s not the case. Dubai relays on tourism for most of its revenue. Less than 5% of the revenue is generated from oil.

The off-road adventure acts as the loadstone for tourism in Dubai. The desert in Dubai serves as the off-road site. The desert offers a lot when it comes to off-road adventure; Camel Safari, Desert Safari, and Quad Biking are the names of few. The desert is located in the near vicinity of the central city. It takes 20 minutes to drive to reach the desert form the town. Unlike other deserts, this is one of the most developed deserts in the world. It has all the facilities that you can wish to have. The Dubai desert plays a vital role in the revenue generation due to Desert Safari Adventures.

Dubai camel ride overview

Enjoy this 6-hour safari in the desert of Dubai full of fun and dizzying activities, in one of the most extensive and magnificent deserts of the Arabian peninsula.

This desert safari is a combination of adventure, culture, and sumptuous dinner under the stars.

The high point of the desert safari is an exciting adventure full of adrenaline driving in 4 × 4 to the depths of the desert to explore the wide strip of golden dunes, climbing, and Camel ride Dubai to its summit and then descending vertiginous.

The adventure continues with a visit to a traditional Bedouin camp, where you can experience the true essence and beauty of the desert with camel ride Dubai.

You will are enjoyed a traditional Arabic coffee, smoke an aromatic shisha, and be captivated by the hypnotizing movements of belly dance, Tanura dance, or fire show.

What to expect more for Dubai camel ride

The tour of camel ride Dubai begins with the pick-up at your hotel in the center of Dubai to begin the journey to the desert, the paved roads of Emirates.

After a photo stops and enjoys the scenery and the hawks, head off the road to enjoy a walk through the dunes. With a driver-guide, you will slide down the slopes, or you can dare with the highest dunes if you feel like an adventure.

You can then take pictures of the sunset in the desert before traveling to a Bedouin-style camp hidden among the dunes.

After tasting delicious coffee and dates, you can participate in the activities offered.

Ride a camel, dress in a typical tunic of the Emirates to take some souvenir photos, practice sandboarding, smoke in shisha (Arabic water pipe) or get a henna tattoo; the choice is yours.

Days of Operation : Daily Morning and Evening

Morning: Pick up time : 08:00AM – 08:30 AM Drop off time : 12:00 – 12:30 PM

Evening: Pick up time : 03:00PM – 03:45 PM Drop off time : 08:00PM – 08:45PM
249 AED per person

Later, you can enjoy belly dance, fire, and Tanura show (spinning dervishes) before finishing with a barbecue buffet dinner under the stars.

Finally, return to Dubai, where the tour will end at the original starting point.


Camels are a vital part of Arab from the beginning of history. People used camel for traveling in the desert in the early ages. As time passed, it has become a luxury and a part of tourism in Dubai. Camel Safari is the tour through the desert on a camel. It is the most popular and transitional tour of Dubai. It will take you away from the bustle of Dubai city and give you the most sound and peaceful environment. The guide will pick you up from the town and take you to the desert. Once you reached the desert, the expert will take you on a grand ride by Arabian camel, on the golden dunes of Arabian Desert. You will have the most calming and amusing 30 minutes of your life, riding a camel in the calm environment of Dubai Desert, away from the hustle of the city. You have two options when it comes to camel safari; either you can do it in the morning or the evening, both have their own perks. This whole experience can cost you up to 50 USD

There are also some optional things that you can try with the camel safari.

  • Dune Bashing

It is driving through the desert in 4×4 wheel cars

  • Quad Biking

This activity includes driving through the desert in a four-wheel ATV

  • Sand Boarding

As the name shows, this activity includes boarding down the snow on a surfing board.

  • Fire Show

The fire show is only an option when you are availing evening camel safari. After the safari, you can join a Fire show at the base camp and have dinner with the fantastic bonfire.

  • Arabian Tanoura Dance

It is a traditional Arabic dance that you can experience along with the Fire show. But again, it is mostly only available in the evening Camel Safari package.

How to get the best experience?

There are certain things that you should take into consideration to have the best experience


The weather in Dubai is not very friendly in peak summers. As Camel Safari is an outdoor activity, so if you want to have the best experience, then consider visiting Dubai in winter. It will not only save you from the scathing heat of Dubai but will also allow you to have the best off-road experience.

  • TIME

If you have time limitations in Dubai, then try not to go for combo packages. You should instead choose single packages to save time like a Morning Camel Safari, which does not have any other things with it other than the camel ride through the desert.


Dubai is one of the best travel destinations, but everything comes with a cost. Dubai is considered as one of the most expensive travel destinations around the world. If you have a limited or tight budget to spend, then you should choose very wisely. Try going for combos to save a bit of money on everything you experience.

  • TIPS

The weather in Dubai is quite hot, so consider taking a sunblock with you when you’re going for outdoor activity like camel safari. Summer clothing works fine for most of the year, but during winter, you may need a jacket or sweater.

  • Travel Partners

Camel Safari is suitable for every kind of person, but it is recommended that you should avoid it if you have a pregnant person with you. The kids are safe to go for this adventure as well as the old age peoples.

Key highlights

  • Desert excursion from Dubai in 4x4 vehicle with dinner and sports and cultural activities
  • Wide range of activities: sandboarding, Dubai camel ride, dunes, and much more
  • Feel like a real Bedouin while enjoying a barbecue dinner and enjoy the belly dance show at a desert camp
  • All-inclusive: round trip transfers from the hotel, dinner, refreshments, shows, and main activities of Camel ride
  • During the Islamic month of Ramadan’s, there will be NO belly dance show or alcoholic drinks, as established by government guidelines.
  • During DRY DAYS, an official holiday, there will be NO belly dance shows or alcoholic beverages as established by the DTCM guidelines.
  • This particular tour is shared. For any updates on private transfers and VIP service, call the service provider in advance.
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Most travelers of Camel safari Dubai can participate in the experience.

An Adventure you never hear before

Why to Go for Sunrise Desert Safari Trip?

Visiting a Dubai morning Safari has everyone wish especially for those who are living in Dubai. Some people are not going in the evening and Overnight safari tours due to many difficulties and jobs. Due to the busy schedule, people are not able to go for the whole day. Sunrise Desert Rides tour is the best choice to go with your friend, family members, your loved ones and colleagues for spent the time. It will give a chance to free from all worries and enjoy your life for a short time. So if you have this type of choice in life never miss it go and get memories that you may remember for whole life.

Special offer for Sunrise desert Adventure to Groups and Families

Plan a Trip from Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai for Early morning safari with your friends and Famil. We’ll pick you from Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Ain at Very early in Our Special (Private Tour) Package. For Basic package We picks your from the Standard place in Dubai and Sharjah by bus and bring you at the Sunrise safari camp for welcome party with juices, water, Arabic dates, and special Arabic foods and drinks, up to you which you are like most. After some rest We’ll take you for Quad Biking and Camel Safari in Dubai. Next, that is 20-30 minutes Dune bashing journey and see the nature and beautiful scenes with a cool breeze. Next one activity is horse riding that is also offered in the Dubai fun Safari. At the camel riding, you can see the real beauty of a Amazing safari. After the amazing and interesting activity Camel Safari Riding is also introduced in this tour with a photo shoot. Yes, you can do a photo shoot at your favorite scene and backgrounds that is the most memorable part of any activity.

Best Red Dunes experience

You can also enjoy some other activities with a little bit of charges like Hala Abu Dhabi morning safari. Usually We Do not pick you for best morning safari in Abu Dhabi but for Special Deals like Full package You can enjoy the Hala Abu Dhabi Desert. We charge you a little bit but offer your great opportunity to explore yourself the amazing Golden Arabic Desert.

Some other events are here.

  • Quad Bike Riding
  • Sand Boarding
  • Sand Skiing
  • Going for Arabic heritage village
  • Special desserts points
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Morning desert safari with Quad bike Tour overview

This dazzling combination of the Morning desert safari with Quad Bike tour from Dubai and Sharjah will allow you to experience desert heritage in Dawn along with Dashing Dune Bashing with our leading UAE professionals in 4×4 Land Cruiser.

Later, you will ride a camel safari Dubai for an exciting ride. This tour starts from 9 am and last until noon. Between hours, you have experienced an unforgettable experience. Start with the dune buggy Dubai on the morning safari in modern and adventurous Dubai.

Experience the changing colors of the dunes in the Al Habib desert in a morning adventure of morning dunes safari. Enjoy this quad biking Dubai and enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape that is only 45 minutes from downtown Dubai.
Being the best time to enjoy the quality experience of the fantastic desert landscape, a morning safari in Dubai is epic and refreshing in every way.

Starting with an early transfer from your location in Dubai, you can experience the impressive contrasts of the region by leaving behind the sights and glamorous sounds and crossing the empty roads to the desolate but enormously charming safari region.
The magical beauty of the desert is fascinating, and its beautiful silence captivates. And there is no better time to enjoy its brilliance than the morning hours.

A desert trip includes a guided tour of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and a visit to a camel farm. It is an excellent fantastic opportunity to experience the wildlife of Arabia.
Throughout the tour, you will have fantastic opportunities for photographing rare species of flora and fauna, as well as migratory birds.

Please Note before you go for Tour

  • Enjoy the morning in the desert, within walking distance of Dubai city center
  • Try local activities - dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding
  • Don't worry about organizing anything - your safari guide plans the itinerary
  • Get around quickly with the hotel pick-up and drop-off service included in the tour price.

Where Can I Book?

Multiple tourist companies provide these services. There are some options below that you can look at if you’re booking one. The price may vary with time. So do confirm it from their respected websites.

  • Dream Night Safari

Their package includes the following things:

  • Pick and Drop
  • Dune Bashing
  • Quad Biking (optional)
  • Belly Dance
  • Fire Show
  • Soft Drinks and Coffee
  • A picture with Arabian Eagle (cost 10USD)
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Sand Boarding

This whole package will cost you 200 AED (54 USD).

  • Dubai Adventure

This package includes

  • Pick and Drop
  • 45-minute camel Ride
  • Cold Drinks
  • Photography

This package will cost you 180 AED

  • Trip Advisor

This is a luxury package, and it consists of the following things:

  • Pick and Drop
  • Ride across the camp-set owned by a royal family
  • Falconry demonstration
  • Heena tattoo
  • Arabic Coffee
  • 4 Course Dinner
  • Shisha
  • Live Dancing and Music Session

This package will cost you 164 USD.

Activity schedules

Pick up for safari Dubai

Passenger pick-up includes Pick- up takes place in Dubai or at any major hotel and shopping center.

Departure time

  • 7:30 AM


  • 4 h

Frequent questions

How many people are the groups?

The minimum of is two people.

How to make the reservation?

To book this Camel ride Dubai activity, you just have to choose the specifics date and complete the registration form on this website. Confirmation is immediate.

Camel ride Dubai is a fun and wonderful experience in the core of the heart of the red desert of Dubai.

Join our camel ride in the safari desert tour early in the noon, see how nature and the sun moving up, ride on the sandboard, and escape the routine.

More contact supports Dubai camel rides Trip:

To request assistance, contact the 24/7 support service:

Email: right you’re Gmail or any email id

Whatsapp: right your WhatsApp number here

Frequent questions

How many people are the groups?

The maximum is six people.

How to make the reservation?

To book this activity, you just have to choose the desired date and complete the form on this page. Confirmation is immediate.

Sand boarding is a fun and unforgettable experience in the heart of the red desert of Dubai. Join our safari desert tour early in the morning, see how nature and the sun wake up, ride on the sand board, and escape the routine.

You will also experience a dune attack, a truly unique desert experience. Take it out and feel the adrenaline in your blood.

If you still have more questions, you can check our frequently asked questions section. If you have any problem to book or need a different service, contact us.