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Why choose Desert Safari Deals | Packages?

Get Best deals and desert safari Dubai Packages, when we discuss the priorities and services so no doubt there are so many things that will need to be considered.  But among the list’s collection jotted down.  Let’s get the ball rolling and take a look on the priorities and powerful techniques provide you a VIP and Desert Safari packages.

We would like to say that Desert Safari Deals | Packages provides the best desert safaris however in all actuality;

Desert Safari Deals | Packages offers the best desert safaris camps amenities:

Our Big and Private camps:

Most global guests don’t know that there are such a significant number of sorts of camps and the camps which we offer are the most centered.  Are the best supper , nourishment quality, stimulation or workplaces, and cleanliness.

Second, our large camps are for (50 to 600 persons).  We try to offer you the affordable and qualitative camps just for the sake to make your stay memorable by providing them.

Our Small and personal camps:

On the other hand, the tiny private camps which we offer are for (- 100 traffic ).  These camps are more elevated, more personalized and comfy.  These are among the choices for the couples voyaged visitors and also for some events that are exceptional.

Private Campuses for Exclusive Desert Safari package:

This is, in fact, a definitive safari experience.  Inside that, you will encounter a staff to the no of 4 to 1’s visitor.  Rest of this, in this, we have taken care of, qualities, security, and your experience are guaranteed.

What really is your Desert Safari Deals | Packages?

We as a Desert Safari Deals | Packages are conducting a private organization where we try to offer you the standardized and productive facilities that help you to make your desert safari trips incredibly with so much thrilling and adrenaline rush experiences.

In short, we try to supply you with more prominent opportunity to make corrections, changes or uncommon solicitations.

Our Desert Safari Deals | Packages Company staff:

The thing that makes our Desert Safari Deals | Packages team reputable as compare to others is our skilled services, dedication, and well-trained staff.  Our staff is always there and ready to serve the assurance that is 100% to you.  On the other hand, our Desert Safari Deals | Packages administration will originate from a company that can ensure to give you a smooth and ready safari trip.

Our categories — hill bashing or natural life safari

Our Stupendous activities and exercises:

In this, we give you a wide range of sports, long and outrageous crazy rides, thrilling motorsports and mountain bashing.  We promise to give you the most rewarding, most secure and most intriguing experience.

Our Dinner, Buffet, Breakfast and supper facilities:

Everybody comprehends why a supper at a drive-thru food eatery is less costly and qualitative.  People get curious to ask it normally and begin to assume that, is it organized or not?  Is there any BBQ or what?  So the answer to all your questions is that we with the aid of our Desert Safari Deals | Packages staff are offering one of the phenomenal, vital and obviously the higher and better quality food.  As the standing and standard is the principal thing in and that’s why to give you the best we try to come up with so many different varieties.

Our Desert Safari Deals | Packages other major and small qualifications:

This is one of the major factors for the visitors through which they can compare and avail the booking credentials and amenities.  So, to make the things more articulated and achievable for you, I have appended the outline beneath which may assist you and make the things clear and simple for you.

Desert Safari Deals

Special Dubai Desert Safari Offers and Deals You must Go for and Book Now.

Packages Ultra Budget: (AED75-100) In this we provide,


  • Shared Camp,
  • Safari Guides,
  • Dune Bashing.


Budget (AED120-180) 

This is comparable above but for as a commission Wholesaler.

Economy (AED220-275) In this we offer;


  • Large camps, (private)
  • Safari Guides,
  • Dune Bashing


Premium (AED275-375) In this we provide;


  • Large decks, (personal )
  • Independent Safari Guides,
  • Natural lifestyle driving


Exclusive (AED545) In this we offer;


  • Small separate camps,
  • Safari Guides,
  • Wildlife driving fun but with some specific vehicles


Luxurious (AED895) In this we provide;


  • Private arrangements
  • Safari Guides,
  • Wildlife driving,
  • No amusement or bathroom facilities.


Ultra Luxury (AED1,500) In this we offer;

  • Private arrangements,
  • Safari Guides,
  • Wildlife driving with some extravagance SUV,
  • A pack of different diversions and facilities

After this very long haul, if you’re willing to avail the trip of Desert Safari Deals | Packages then give us a call or feel free to bug us.  We are a single call away from your place.

Rest for additional details and elaborations, don’t hesitate to visit our website or you can email us directly.

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